We have not always had Road Marking Lines. However, people may not know anything about the history of Road Marking Lines.

Who developed the centerline?

There are two states in the United States of America that claims they are the one that created the centerline first. Michigan states that Edward N. Hines (1870-1938) created the center line in 1911. Hines was the chairperson at Wayne County, Michigan Board of Roads (1906-1938). He thought of the white center line, after sighting a milk truck leaving a white trail on the road from the milk leaking. In 1972, Hines was induced to the Michigan Transportation Hall of Honor. Then, in 2002 he was received first Paul Mijksenaar Design for Function Award.

On the other hand, California also states that they are the first ones that created the center line. According to California, Dr. June Carroll (1867-1954) created the center line in 1917; Part of the interstate 10 was created and named as “The Dr. June McCarroll Memorial Freeway” in 2002. She came up with the introduction of the center line after she got ran off the road by a truck. She presented her idea to the Riverside County Board of Supervisors and the local chamber of commerce, for similar accidents do not happen again but she was not successful. Then, she decided to paint the line herself, thus that is when the width of the center line was created.

Therefore, both states created the center line idea. They both contributed to the center line as whole, one state came up with the color and the where to position the line and the other state came up with the width of the line. Find out more from: Melbourne Road Line Marking Services